New Songs....

Following the release of Ronnie Boy in April, the 2nd of the 4 singles that I have planned for 2018 is scheduled for release on 9th July.

After the slightly off track 60s influenced instrumental that is Ronnie Boy, new track Doing Alright is a back to basics 100mph 3 minute punk/pop affair.

Ronnie Boy had a mixed reception.

This didn’t surprise me, given that the song was like nothing that I’ve ever produced before.

All 4 of the singles planned for 2018 will be different from each other in terms of style and genre - you’ve had your 60s’ influenced brass section driven instrumental, next up is a bit of 70s’ punk.

Live Music....

There‘s not a lot of live performances planned for the foreseeable future due to recording commitments. 

I’m still hoping to do a couple of gigs though.

Watch this space......