The 2018 Song Writing Project

So.....I failed.

Failed to release 4 singles in a year. The idea was to release 4 different genres of music in single format during 2018. It was on track until I came to record the dreaded Christmas single. 

Musically it was sounding great, lyrically it was spot on and the song had a good structure too. I just couldn’t get the vocal performance to a decent enough standard in the all important chorus.

It’s not a total cop out though as in October I submitted a song for next years Eurovision Song Contest - but under the strict Eurovision rules if I told you any more about this I’d have to shoot you!

So, technically 4 songs written and recorded but only 3 released. 

Not too bad for a part time pop star.

...Live Music...

Gigs, Jigs & Wigs....

I’m looking at playing some unplugged live support slots in 2019. It’s been a while since I’ve played live due to recording commitments but I’ll be taking a break from writing and recording in 2019 which will allow me to concentrate on getting back to playing a few gigs.