The life and times of a non league musician

”Your call is important to us” blah, blah, blah

I was recently put on hold during a phone call. The cheesy hold music got me thinking about how it all works, not just the actual composing but the cheesy elevator music industry itself. 

I had a quick go at a composition to see how long it would take me to write and record one of these annoying little dittys. It took me just under 3 hours to write, record and mix a track from scratch - basically sitting down at my trusted old Yamaha PSR keyboard (you know, like the old home organs with drums etc included with the keyboard - great for composing) and hitting the keys without a tune in mind prior to starting. I then used other keyboards, guitars and software to record the tune and it was good to go. 

The finished tracks will be uploaded to royalty free music sites with a small fee coming my way each time a track of mine is downloaded.

Gigs, Jigs & Wigs....

I’m still hopeful of playing some unplugged live support slots in 2019. It’s been a while since I’ve played live due to recording commitments but, cheesy elevator music aside, I’ll be taking a break from writing and recording in 2019 which should allow me time to get back to playing a few gigs.