The 2018 song writing project continues...

The 3rd Of 4 singles that I plan to offer up during 2018 is scheduled for an early autumn release (date to be confirmed).

The way that we communicate has changed a lot over the years:

T.Rex has a hit with Telegram Sam in 1972 -  in 2018 I release a song called Instagram Pam!

As previously mentioned, all 4 of the singles that I’m putting out this year differ greatly in terms of genre (a self indulgent song writing experiment) and this track keeps that theme going. So far there’s been the 60s’ influenced instrumental Ronnie Boy in April followed up by Doing Alright, a 70s’ punk track which was released in July.

This latest song draws its influences from the groove based, semi dance, Euro techno (the best I can describe it!) songs that were prominent in the 80s’ and 90s’ with female guest vocals added for authenticity. Regular listeners needn’t worry - there’s guitars in there too!

It’s strange song writing territory for me and that’s what makes it fun!


While there are no live performances planned for the foreseeable future due to recording commitments, I’m still hoping to do a couple of low key gigs (maybe support slots) in the not too distant future.