In brief then....

In the beginning.....

Aged 1 with my grandma in Anstey, Leicester

I was quarried (my Dads' words) in Leicester in 1964 and started playing the guitar aged 5. At 6 years old I decided I was going to be a professional footballer, a dream which involved a failed trial aged 12 at Mansfield Town, and lasted until I discovered girls, smoking and punk rock at about 14 years old, at which point I returned to playing music. It seemed to attract the girls more than playing football did.

And on we go...

Enigma - 1984 and 2014

I played guitar in a few punk and new wave bands in the late 70s and early 80s which never really took off. I joined electro pop band Enigma on guitars and keyboards around 1982 before playing bass in a covers band in the late 80s while simultaneously playing bass in a soul band (marriage up the spout!).

Press record.....

No More Heroes

In 1997 I joined No More Heroes, the first of 2 Stranglers tribute bands that I have played in (I joined up on bass with Four More Heroes for a short time in 2004) and we released "Rats, Ravens and Meninblack” which is still available through Amazon in CD format.

Solo work.....

Promo pic for Let Those Without Sin

My first solo album, Let Those Without Sin Cast The First Stone was completed in 2001 and is an experimental affair really. Following a domestic hiccup which involved me getting chased out of town, all I was left with was experimental analogue tapes and digtal samples.

Positively Cynical was recorded digitally in 2003 and is a far more coherent collection of songs following some advice from former Vibrators and Stranglers guitarist John Ellis.

To promote the album I did a week long, 4 date mammoth tour of the East Midlands and the result is the live album March.

Lets get serious...


Waves is a collection of songs recorded over a two year period in a couple of locations and eventually released in 2006. 

I’ve Arrived

Arrival Time

Arrival Time was released in June 2014 and is a highly polished affair with swirling synth work and probably my best collection of songs in terms of writing to date.

I spent 2018 writing and releasing three singles in different styles and genres - by way of a self indulgent experiment!