Doing Alright


I suffer from Mental Health Issues. 

There, I’ve said it.

I could bang on about what I feel is my well founded theory behind why there’s so much of this horrible condition around in the modern world, but this website is all about music yeah?

I’ll save that crusade for another day on another website.

I’m ok. Don’t worry about me. There’s loads of people out there far worse off than me.

I just felt that it needed to be said.

That is all. 

The verses in Doing Alright highlight the day to day battles that I have with depression and anxiety following a nervous breakdown that I had four years ago.

I feel that I’ve kind of reached a plateau in the past couple of years, learning how to keep things under control. This in mind, the chorus is saying that amongst all this turmoil I’m actually doing alright.


Musically, the song is probably reflecting the lyrics in some way, harking back to the days long before I had my breakdown with it being a  70s’ punk influenced track.

There‘s some strange  “non punk” chord sequences in there though which kind of reflects the upside down way that my mind works at times!