Doing Alright

The Meaning Behind The Moaning....

Daylight brings a happy day

I wake up each morning not feeling particularly low but hoping that the day brings no low moments.

Happy in my minds eye 

Trying to convince myself that I’m happy and all is well with the world.

See me smiling aimlessly 

Smiling inanely really. It’s often false.

Laughing at your minds eye

I’m almost mocking people I come into contact with as they think I’m ok, but I’m sometimes struggling and they can’t see that.

The chorus is saying that despite my issues I’m basically “doing alright” compared to some who suffer with depression.

Apples on my sinking ship

I drink cider. Not copious amounts but too much. The sinking ship is a reference to my basically unfounded fear that it may be my undoing one day. 

Apples cleanse my minds eye

A couple of pints of cider and I’m feeling chilled, almost cleansed of stress and worries. 

Then I run away from the sun

I hate the sun as a basic weather element - always keeping in the shade but it also refers to me keeping out of the limelight at times.

Feeling safe with my favourite shade of black paint

“I think I’ll have to get the black out” says the Fast Show tv character who is obviously in some kind of recovery process from a nervous breakdown as he paints scenic views but gets reminded of his condition by sometimes the most tenuous of links. He then splatters his canvas with black paint and destroys his painting.

I feel safe in this state. I know it’s coming again at some point, and there’s nothing I can do about it, but I dread it. Once it takes over though I feel calm and there’s a degree of acceptance. I can’t control it‘s coming and going - it appears for no apparent reason and only leaves me when it wants to.


Musically, the song is probably reflecting the lyrics in some way, harking back to the days long before I had my breakdown with it being a  70s’ punk influenced track.

There‘s some strange  “non punk” chord sequences in there though which kind of reflects the upside down way that my mind works at times!

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