Pictures Of You

Behind The Track....

New single Pictures Of You, released in October 2018, is like no other track that I’ve ever released. 

As part of an eclectic 2018 comprising singles of differing genres, Pictures Of You sees me move into unknown dance territory - with guitars of course!

I originally wanted to call the track Instagram Pam but doing so opened up a mine field of potential copyright and legal issues so I decided to stick to the songs original title (it’s a grooved up re-work of an old track) but keep the newly written lyrics about the fictional character Instagram Pam. 

As the original story and theme is kept in the lyrical content this doesn’t seem like too much of a compromise. 

The aforementioned lady is basically a social media stalker who suckers the innocent and naive in for her own pleasure and gain. 

Musically the song nods it head to the euro groove genre of the late 80’s & early 90’s with other specific references to Simple Minds and the glut of synth driven bands that emerged during the post punk era.

There’s even a couple of female guest vocalists in there to give it a soulful feel!