Tuition Courses Now Available


I now offer a beginners course for guitar, bass and keyboard. This is strictly on a one to one basis and therefore is limited for logistical reasons to a small area (see the UK postal code map below for the area that is covered - basically the Midlands).

I’ve opted against the more lucrative online tuition in favour of the more personal face to face teaching environment.

It‘s about quality not quantity.

Rates are competitive with instruments and learning materials provided during the course.

Be aware that this isn’t where you gain your accreditation in pianoforte or classical guitar. It is simply me passing on my years of experience as a musician.

The courses are based around the rock and pop genre and are short and fast. This is because in order for you to succeed as a musician you need to be confident and happy in what you are being taught. I myself gave up after my first 4 lessons as I was getting bogged down with scales and boring chord progressions. I wanted to progress quicker but the lessons that I had (with a bonafide classical tutor) slowed my progress down by a considerable amount of time because of the orthodox and structured design of the course. Things weren’t happening fast enough and I lost interest.

None of that here. You’ll be forming a band and taking on the world after a few weeks.

And, just as importantly, you’ll be enjoying yourself too.

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